Rhode Island
Convention to Audit State Election
of 2020

We the People of Rhode Island were disenfranchised of our right to a secure, authentic, transparent election in A.D. 2020. We are all equal and will not be canceled, silenced or ignored. Within the R.I. Constitution, individual suffrage rights supersede government representation. Only the People hold final governing authority. Therefore, elections are for and by the People, the highest obligation of self-sovereignty. 

Every voter (elector) is a judge of the public matters presented to them. As electors, the People retain the right to audit their own elections, with all evidence available to them to determine the authenticity of their collective decisions. These rights were never, nor shall they ever be, transferred to any government. Government was formed by and works for the People and are the subject of the audit.

Any change of government and subsequent law is only alterable by the People through an authentic, transparent and trustworthy act. With 4 or more constitutional violations by Rhode Island officials, the election of 2020 is unauthentic. The only means to determine the impact of those violations upon our government is through a thorough and complete audit before the People of Rhode Island.

Therefore, We the People of Rhode Island demand all evidence impacting the RI 2020 General Election be made available to us, through all legal and constitutional means, to determine the extent of unlawful alterations and to take measures necessary to restore election integrity and authenticity for all the People of Rhode Island.