Secure, Authentic, Fair and Equal (SAFE) elections so all Rhode Islanders can be confident their voices are accurately heard in their self-governance.

RI CASE Mission

The Convention to Audit the State Election (CASE) is a non-partisan, election education and oversight grassroots movement. It’s primary purpose is to organize state residents to convene their own convention to oversee and audit a specific election year. This convention would be like a constitutional convention, but exist only for election integrity oversight.

The convention will be a unique, separate legal entity composed of volunteers. All must be constitutionally eligible voters. Existing elected office holders can only participate in non-official, individual capacities and cannot hold representative positions as that creates a conflict of interest. After performing election and audit activities, the unique legal entity (convention) would be dissolved, provided all related legal matters have been resolved. A new convention would be convened for each new election.


Deadline: 3 Sept 2022 (Destruction of unchallenged 2020 election materials may begin)

  1. Public Election Audit – Conduct a citizen driven process audit of election-related public records.
  2. Convention – Establish legal basis for corrective action by creating a state-wide convention of voters.
  3. Full Forensic Audit – If needed, the convention will oversee a full forensic audit of secured election materials to settle questions regarding the authenticity of election process & results.

Why 39/422?

Rhode Island is composed of 39 municipalities with permanent legal borders. For representation purposes, each municipality is subdivided into smaller temporary areas of roughly the same population of voters called “precincts.” Rhode Island has 422 physical precincts which are the key legal basis for the convention.

RI composed of 422 temporary areas of roughly the same population

Legal Basis

Voters mark decisions on ballots at multiple levels:

  • National
  • State
  • County
  • Districts
  • Municipality
  • Ward
  • Precinct

This combination of levels of decisions make almost every precinct unique. Since every voter has a full legal right to all the election information impacting their own precinct and municipality, we must unite into a convention of electors (voters) from all 422 physical precincts to see how all decisions in the state were made. For legal “standing” we need a minimum of 3 electors (voters) per precinct. These convened 1266 individual voters can share their information, discuss their concerns and together legally represent those concerns for the entire state. This provides election oversight with no conflict of interest for elected officials.

If 10% of the active voting population of Rhode Island participates in the convention, we will have sufficient legal standing and enough political force necessary to bring about authentication and verification of the Rhode Island 2020 General Election.

We must act now!

Beginning on Sept 3rd, 2022 ballots cast on November 3rd, 2020 may be legally destroyed. Federal election law requires evidence to be held 22 months or longer if needed for litigation. They may be destroyed, but it’s not imperative they must be destroyed.

Our goal is to obtain/secure all RI 2020 General Election evidence, then conduct a public (unsecured) process audit and if necessary, oversee a secure results audit. These audits will be conducted for all levels of government: local, state and national.

Paper ballots exist as verifiable audit evidence. They must be kept secure for legal inspection/auditing/verification and all ballots must meet established evidence standards. Because ballots exist as election evidence, access for legal inspection/auditing/verification must have a sound legal basis/probable cause. We believe probable cause exists and the public process audit is to gain more evidence to that end.